De rien ne se crée rien - 6 May to 18 June 2011
La Grande Place, Musée du cristal Saint-Louis, 57629 Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche

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La Grande Place, Musée du cristal Saint-Louis, 57629 Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche

De rien ne se créé rien

De rien ne se crée rien
presents a series of sculptures created by Olivier Sévère at the Cristalleries de Saint-Louis, during his period as artist-in-residence for the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès. Olivier Sévère was proposed and mentored for the residency by the sculptor Emmanuel Saulnier.

Exploring the processes of crystal-making, Olivier Sévère used natural stone forms to give visual expression to the philosophy of the Greek thinker Anaxagoras, in the 5th century BCE: "nothing comes into being or passes away, but there is mingling and separation of things that are." Collaborating with artisan glass makers at the workshops, Sévère used the medium of crystal to express the never-ending cycle of matter: stone becomes sand, sand is used in the making of crystal, crystal rediscovers its original form in the hands of the artist. Cobblestones, pebbles, and rocks are shaped from blown, moulded an cut crystal.

The resulting groups of "stones" explore nature and artifice alike. The artist contributes his own unique perspective on the expertise and alchemy of crystal-making.

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Le -1, 71, boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris

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Galerie Jeanroch Dard, 13, rue des Arquebusiers, 75003 Paris

Invitation Vertigo

Exploring the phenomena resulting from perception troubles - whether it is bedazzlement, disappearance or anamorphosis, Vertigo presents the works of 6 young artists. If some aesthetic and conceptual lineages structures itself naturally between these pieces, nevertheless each piece is imbued with references peculiar to its author.

Olivier Sévère and Eric Tabuchi develop a serial and mathematic poetry. Renato Leotta and Justin Morin draw from art history and manipulate its language. Olivier Kosta-Thefaine sets up a social critique while Samuel François mixes surrealism and minimalism. But more than a declension of pieces around a theme, Vertigo wagers on an audacious hanging by creating a dis-equilibrium within the exhibition space. Alone, like a black hole, Tabuchi's corner painting acts like a magnet.
Opposite, the second room of the gallery aligns the frames on the same level, depriving the gaze of a reference point.
Thus, Vertigo cultivates the mise-en-abime to better prolong the dizziness.

Cité de la céramique, 2, place de la Manufacture, 92310 Sèvres

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