Palais de Tokyo, Paris

“Condensation” is an exhibition conceived as an encounter between the realms of dream interpretation and alchemy. Structured around formal and narrative echoes, it leads the audience to the heart of matter, along a path populated with multiple artistic mutations. Located in the Galerie Haute of the Palais de Tokyo, “Condensation” will present to the public for the first time the totality of works created during residencies sponsored by the Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès.

Marcos Avila Forero, Oliver Beer, Simon Boudvin, Gabriele Chiari, Elisabeth S. Clark, Marine Class, Marie-Anne Franqueville, Sébastien Gschwind, Atsunobu Kohira, Oh You Kyeong, Benoît Piéron, Félix Pinquier, Émilie Pitoiset, Andrès Ramirez, Olivier Sévère, Anne-Charlotte Yver

Curator: Gaël Charbau

Galerie Bertrand Baraudou, Paris
Carton Des oeuvres qui prennent toute la place

Vincent Deleplanque, Morgane Fourey, Yoeri Guépin, Thierry Lagalla, Frédéric Malette, Martinet et Texereau, Marion Robin, Olivier Sévère, Xavier Theunis, Kirill Ukolov

Curator: Jean-Christophe Arcos

Galerie nationale de la tapisserie, Beauvais
carton Plein Champ

Dom Robert's tapestries dialogues with Carole Chebron, Roni Horn, Romain Kronenberg & Benjamin Graindorge, Didier Marcel, Olivier Sévère et la dynastie des Milice.

22,48m2, Paris
carton Layers

“Art is man’s futile dream of a human silence ; it is the silence of our dreams. And sculptures are the bones of those dreams.” Richard Nonas

22,48 m2 Gallery is pleased to present the work of: Cécile Beau, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, Lucie Le Bouder, Alexandra Sà and Olivier Sévère. The works presented offer a reflection on the notion of surface and modelled depth. They show spaces, angles and shapes, brought to life through a process of assemblage and the playful use of lines, thus constructing or revealing a horizon. It is a constant reorganisation of the given materials, whether they origin from a certain place, from the mate- rials used, or else from a mental space. Worked and imagined, the material opens up different layers of depth, whether they pertain to the visible, the sensual or the production of meaning. Hence, the artist’s gesture is that of gradually placing the viewer into that unpredictable niche between the abstract and the concrete, layer by layer, in order to redi- scover the “silence of our dreams” at the heart of reality itself.
(Lucie Le Bouder, Umut Ungan)

Cécile Beau, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Marie Jeanne Hoffner, Lucie Le Bouder, Alexandra Sà et Olivier Sévère

Le lieu du design, Paris

carton mineral design