De rien ne se crée rien - Musée de Cluny, Paris

« De rien ne se crée rien » is a suite of sculptures made by Olivier Sévère to embody the thought of the philosopher Anaxagoras (- 5th century): "Nothing is born or perishes, but already existing things combine, then separate again".
Pavers, pebbles, rocks, crystal blown, molded, carved ... the artist works the stone from the perspective of the perpetual cycle of matter. Through these ensembles, combining the notions of natural and artificial, he also takes an unusual look at the know-how of glass craftsmen and the chemistry of crystal.
This work, presented in the chapel of the Abbots of Cluny museum on the occasion of the exhibition Le Verre, un Moyen-âge créatif, was created as part of the Hermès Foundation's residency program at the Saint-Louis crystal manufacture.